Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jetstar Airways A321 VH-VWX (1st Visit)

Jetstar Airways A321-231 VH-VWX arrived from Melbourne at 21.35hrs as 'JQ778'. The aircraft departed to Darwin as 'JQ670' at 22.40hrs.

This was VH-VWX's 1st visit to Adelaide, which leaves only VH-VWU as the only A321 in the Jetstar fleet not have visited Adelaide.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Global 5000 N755RA arrives

(Asia Aviation Co. owned Global 5000 N755RA parked at Adelaide Airport on 30/4/13) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Asia Aviation Co. owned Global 5000 N755RA arrived from Singapore, Changi at 19.35hrs. The aircraft departed for Melbourne, Tullamarine at 20.30hrs.

The aircraft has visited Adelaide before. The last visit by this aircraft was between February 28th 2013 and March 1st 2013.

Jetstar Airways A320 VH-VFN (1st Visit)

(Jetstar Airways A320-232W VH-VFN on pushback ready for its departure to Sydney) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Jetstar Airways A320-200(W) arrived from Sydney at 07.42hrs as 'JQ762'. The aircraft departed at  08.37hrs back to Sydney as 'JQ761'.

This was VFN's 1st visit to Adelaide since being delivered on 7/4/13. This was also the 1st visit of a Sharklet fitted aircraft to visit Adelaide.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Citation 550 VH-CCJ makes a visit

(CCJ Pty Ltd. Citation 550 VH-CCJ parked at Adelaide on 28/4/13) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

CCJ Pty, Ltd owned Cessna 550 VH-CCJ arrived from Brisbane at 12.35hrs on 26/4/13. After a 2 day stay it departed back to Brisbane today 28/4/13 at 11.20hrs.

It is understood that this was only VH-CCJ's 2nd visit to Adelaide. The 1st visit was way back in 2008.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Qantas B737-800 VH-XZE (1st Visit)

(Qantas B737-838 VH-XZE taxiing to the Bay after arriving from Darwin as QF757) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Qantas B737-838 VH-XZE arrived ex. Melbourne as 07.48hrs as 'QF671'. The aircraft then departed to Darwin as 'QF754' at 08.44hrs. VH-XZE returned back from Darwin at 16.54hrs as 'QF757', before departing to Brisbane at 18.05hrs.

VH-XZE arrived into Australia on delivery to Qantas on 21/4/13 routing Boeing Field-Honolulu-Nadi-Melbourne. Today's QF671 service was XZE's 1st visit to Adelaide as well as its 1st revenue service .

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Malaysia Airlines A330-300 9M-MTL

(Malaysia Airlines A330-300 9M-MTL being towed to Bay 18 after layover on Bay 80) Photo by Stefan Perkas

Malaysia Airlines A330-300 9M-MTL arrived from Kuala Lumpur as 'MH139' at 06.58hrs and departed back to Kuala Lumpur at 14.43hrs as 'MH138'.

This was 9M-MTL's 2nd visit to Adelaide overall with its 1st visit being on Sunday 21/4/13, when it arrived in some miserable conditions.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STU (1st Visit)

(Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STU rolling through on Rwy.05 as SQ277) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STU arrived ex. Singapore at 16.57hrs as 'SQ277'. It departed back to Singapore at 18.16hrs as' SQ276'.

This is 9V-STU's 1st visit to Adelaide since it was delivered to Singapore Airlines on 9/4/13. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

QF81/82 Says goodbye to Adelaide for the last time

Qantas announced that they would cease their 3x weekly QF81/82 Sydney-Adelaide-Singapore-Adelaide-Sydney service, and make the route a daily Sydney-Singapore-Sydney service. Today , marked a very historic event at Adelaide Airport with the last Qantas International flight departing Adelaide for Singapore  This service marks the end of 31 years of Qantas International flights between Adelaide-Singapore, with the 1st flight way back in November 1982 operated by B747-200B VH-EBF 'City of Adelaide'. Over the years this route has been operated by 747-200B, 747-300's, 747-400, 767-200 , 300's and A330-200's and -300's and the routing has changed many times over the years, for the past 10+ years the routing has been Sydney-Adelaide-Singapore, there was a short time that it routed Melbourne-Adelaide-Singapore.

(Qantas A330-300 VH-QPC. QF81 crossing the runway threshold for the last time.) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)

(Qantas A330-300 VH-QPC. Taxiing for departure as QF81 for the last time) Photo by Stefan Perkas (Copyright 2013)
Today's flight was given to Qantas A330-300 VH-QPC arrived from Sydney at 13.53hrs as 'QF81'. The aircraft later departed to Singapore for the last time as 'QF81' at 15.10hrs. The aircraft is scheduled then to return to Adelaide tomorrow morning 14/4/13 arriving as QF82 from Singapore, before continuing onto Sydney.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STT (1st Visit)

(Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STT on final Approach to Adelaide Airport as SQ277) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-STT arrived ex. Singapore at 17.02hrs as 'SQ277'. It departed back to Singapore at 18.10hrs back to Singapore as 'SQ276'.

This is 9V-STT's 1st visit to Adelaide since it was delivered to Singapore Airlines 8/3/13. This is the 1st visit by a Singapore aircraft since 9V-STS back on 13/11/10.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Qantas B737-800 VH-XZD (1st Visit)

Qantas B737-838 VH-XZD arrived ex. Melbourne at 21.20hrs as 'QF701'. The aircraft is set to overnight in Adelaide and depart for Brisbane at 06.45 tomorrow morning 12/4/13 as 'QF660'.

This was VH-XZD's 1st visit to Adelaide since it was delivered to Qantas (Boeing Field-Honolulu-Nadi- Melbourne) on Saturday 6/4/13.

Jetstar Airways A321 VH-VWY makes a visit

(Jetstar Airways A321 VH-VWY taxiing for departure at Adelaide Airport today) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Jetstar Airways A321-231 VH-VWY arrived ex. Melbourne as 'JQ776' at 09.58hrs. It departed to Perth at 10.55hrs as 'JQ974'.

This is the 1st visit of a Jetstar A321 for 2013. Out of the 6 A321's the airline has, VH-VWY has been the most common visitor to Adelaide over that time.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Virgin Australia A330-200 VH-XFD diverts to Adelaide

Virgin Australia A330-200 VH-XFD enroute Perth-Melbourne as 'VA694' diverted to Adelaide this afternoon due to a mechanical issue with the aircraft. The aircraft arrived at 15.38hrs and departed back to Perth as 'VA9929' at 19.15hrs.
 Fellow Virgin Australia B737-800 VH-YFH arrived at 19.55hrs as 'VA9927' to take the passengers from VH-XFD  and finish their flight to Melbourne, which departed at 20.50hrs as 'VA9852'.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aussie Bizjets visit Adelaide

(Walker Air services Global Express VH-LAW parked at Adelaide Airport) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Walker Air services owned Global Express VH-LAW arrived at 08.05hrs from Sydney . The aircraft departed back to Sydney at 17.10hrs.

(Pratt Aviation Holding Global Express VH-VGX parked at Adelaide Airport) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Pratt Aviation Holdings owned Global Express VH-VGX arrived at 08.50hrs From Essendon. It departed back to Essendon at 14.25hrs. This aircraft is not a common visitor to Adelaide. Sistership VH-VDX has visited on a couple of times on prior occasions.

(Westpac Banking Corperation Cessan 650 VH-LYM parked at Adelaide Airport) Photo by Tony Haynes (Copyright 2013)

Westpac Banking Corperation owned Cessan 650 VH-LYM departed to Port Lincoln at 09.12hrs, after overnighting in Adelaide (arrived from Coffs Harbour 8/4/13 at 21.36). The aircraft then returned from Port Lincoln at 16.44hrs. After a 2 day stay in Adelaide, the aircraft departed to Port Augusta at 11.25hrs on 11/4/13.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome All

Welcome all to the Adelaide Airport movements Blog. This blog was created to report special movements as well as show history of special movements from yesteryear that visited Adelaide Airport.