Monday, November 24, 2014

Qantas B737-800 VH-XZP 'Retro Roo' visits Adelaide (1st Visit)

(Qantas B737-800 VH-XZP taxiing to the bay after arriving from Sydney as 'QF761' on 30/11/14) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Qantas B737-800 VH-XZP arrived at 08.45hrs from Sydney as 'QF735'. The aircraft departed back to Sydney at 09.30hrs as 'QF738'.

This was the aircraft's 1st visit to Adelaide. This aircraft was is the 75th and final B737-800 to be delivered to Qantas, this aircraft is also painted in the airlines former livery call ed the 'flying kangaroo' which the airline used in the 1980's.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cobham Aviation E190 D-AEMG completes delivery flight

(Cobham Aviation E190 D-AEMG parked at Cobham completing its delivery flight) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Cobham Aviation Embraer 190 D-AEMG arrived from Kupang, Indonesia at 22.05hrs as 'Southern Cross 1429' completing itds delivery flight from Europe. 

This is the 1st E190 to be delivered to Cobham. The following day, the aircraft was re-regsitered VH-NJA which was previously worn by a Bae146-100.

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-SSC finally makes its 1st visit

(Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-SSC arriving on Rwy.23 as 'SQ279') Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Singapore Airlines A330-300 9V-SSC arrived at 09.10hrs as 'SQ279' from Singapore. The aircraft departed at 12.00hrs back to Singapore as 'SQ278'.

This was SSC's 1st visit to Adelaide after nearly 4 months in service with the airline. It is the last of the A330-300's to make at least 1 visit to Adelaide.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Star City Gulfstream 4 N104AD comes to town (1st Visit)

(Star City Gulfstream 4 N104AD parked at Adelaide Airport during its stay) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Star City Gulfstream 4 N104AD arrived at 05.15hrs from Perth. After staying a couple of days, the aircraft departed to Melbourne on 6/11/14 at 00.40hrs.

This was this Gulfstream's 1st visit to Adelaide. This aircraft was taking American singer Mariah Carey for her tour around Australia.