Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Falcon 7X N577CF and Challenger 604 VH-LEF make flying visits (Both 1st Visits)

(Linfox Express Charter operated Challenger 604 VH-LEF preparing for departure to Sydney) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Linfox Express Charter operated Challenger 604 VH-LEF arrived from Essendon Airport at 08.35hrs. The aircraft then departed to Sydney at 14.35hrs.

This was LEF's 1st visit to Adelaide as a Challenger 604. This registratin was previously worn on A Challenger 850.

(JPC Falcon owned Falcon 7X N577CF Pparked at Bay 101 at Adelaide Airport today) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

JPC Falcon owned Falcon 7X N577CF arrived from Sydney at 08.55hrs. The aircraft later departed back to Sydney at 16.35hrs.

This was the aircraft's 1st visit to Adelaide. It was only the 4th ever Falcon 7X to visit Adelaide as well.