Saturday, May 17, 2014

Alliance Airlines F70's VH-QQR and VH-JFB swap and go

(Alliance Airlines F028-070 VH-QQR taxiing to the bay after arriving from Brisbane) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)

Alliance Airlines F028-070 VH-QQR arrived at 09.05hrs from Brisbane at 'QQ571'. The aircraft departed to Perth at 11.55hrs as 'QQ992'.

This was QQR's 1st visit to Adelaide and the 6th Alliance F070 to visit Adelaide overall.

(Alliance Airlines F028-070 VH-JFB rotating off Rwy.05 bound for Brisbane as 'QQ572') Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2014)
Later in the day fellow F28-070 VH-JFB arrived from Perth as 'QQ991'. The aircraft to Brisbane at 16.15hrs as 'QQ572'.

This was not JFB's 1st visit to Adelaide. Possibly although not confirmed 2nd visit to Adelaide. Its 1st visit was nack on 25/63/13

It seems as though thews 2 aircraft were operating a charter of some sort, however it seems they also used Adelaide as a stopover port for the aircraft to swtich bases.