Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX (1st Visit) with Liverpool FC on board

(Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX sitting at Bay 16 being unloaded after arriving from Brisbane)

(Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX sitting at Bay 82 during its layover in Adelaide
Photos by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Hi Fly A340-500 CS-TFX arrived at 20.20hrs from Brisbane as 'HFY761'. After spending 2.5 days in Adelaide, the aircraft dpearted to Kuala Lumpur at 14.05hrs as 'HFY721' on 21/7/15.

This aircraft brought English Premier League side Liverpool FC to Adelaide for the exhibitiojn match against Adelaide United FC on 20/7/15.

This was TFX's 1st visit to Adelaide and to Australia. This was only the 4th A340-500 to ever visit Adelaide, the last visit was on 9th November 2011 when Etihad Airways A340-500 A6-EHC diverted into Adelaide whilst en route Abu Dhabi-Melbourne.