Monday, October 26, 2015

Gulfstream 650 ZK-KFB (1st visit)

(Executive Airlines Gulfstream 650 ZK-KFB sitting at Bay101 on its visit to Adelaide) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2015)

Executive Airlines Gulfstream 650 ZK-KFB arrived ex. Sydney at 01.15hrs. The aircraft stayed in Adelaide for a couple of days before departing to Perth at 23.00hrs on 28/10/15.

This was KFB's 1st visit to Adelaide as a G650. KFB has visited previously when it was worn on a Gulfstream 4 and 550. This was also the 2nd visit of a Gulfstream 650 to Adelaide. This visit by ZK-KFB was to carry seventies band Fleetwood Mac around the country for their current tour.