Sunday, September 11, 2016

Emirates Sky Cargo B777-200LRF A6-EFD (1st Visit)

(Emirates Sky Cargo B777-200LRF A6-EFD arriving on Rwy.05)
(Emirates Sky Cargo B777-200LRF A6-EFD pulling into Bay 28R)
(Emirates Sky Cargo B777-200LRF A6-EFD taxiing for departure bound for Sydney)
(Emirates Sky Cargo B777-200LRF thundering down Rwy.23 bound for Sydney)
All Photos taken by Stefan P (Copyright 2016)

Emirates Sky Cargo B777-200LRF A6-EFD arrived from Dubai World Centre via Singapore at 09.25hrs as 'Emirates 9826'. After dropping off its precious cargo, the aircraft departed to Sydney at 12.20hrs using the same flight number.

The aircraft dropped off a new General Electric Engine for Emirates B777-300ER A6-EGA which has been stranded in Adelaide since last Wednesday when it diverted to Adelaide whilst operating 'EK432' from Dubai-Brisbane.

This aircraft made 3 records upon arrival into Adelaide. It was the 1st visit of a Emirates Sky Cargo, it was the 1st visit of A6-EFD, also it was the 1st visit of a B777F to visit Adelaide.