Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pionair Australia (Virign Australia Freight) Bae 146-200F VH-SFV (1st Visit)

(Pionair Australia (Virgin Australia Freight) Bae146-200F VH-SFV parked at Adelaide Airport resting up before entering service the next day.) Photo by Stefan P (Copyright 2016)

Pioanair Australia (operated by Virgin Australia Freight) Bae146-200F VH-SFV ferried in from Bankstown as 'VA9566' at 07.55hrs. The aircraft then entered its 1st day of freight operations the following day as to Melbourne as 'VA9570' departing at 20.45hrs.

This was SFV's 1st visit to Adelaide, the aircraft replaced Convair 580 VH-PDW which was used to operate for Virgin Australia whilst awaiting the delivery of SFV.